Why Do Sprinkler Systems Normally Cost So Much Money?

For the house pictured above, it would typically cost $400 - $600 worth of normal, water-wasting, rotating sprinkler heads and $1600 - $2000 for labor to install the inefficient beasts. That's a lot of wasted money that now doesn't have to be spent on such water-wasters.

The new VariThrow sprinkler system makes it easier, more efficient, and more affordable to water your lawn. No longer do you have to have water-wasting overlapping water spray. As the new VariThrow sprinklers rotate, the water spray distance (called "throw") is constantly changing, to water the exact shape of your lawn.

There's little to no water overspray onto sidewalks, driveways, and cars. And this automatically adjusting variable "throw" means you don't need all those normal sprinkler heads, of which 16 regular rotating sprinkler heads would be required for the house shown above, each one wasting plenty of water.

Best of all, since the VariThrow sprinklers water the exact shape of each sections of your grass lawn, a house with a sidewalk dividing the lawn usually requires only two VariThrow sprinklers -- one for each section of grass lawn. They even spray around corners to water adjoining front and side sections of grass.

Read about the new VariThrow sprinkler at www.varithrow.com.

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Water-wasting rotating sprinker systems do not have to be so inefficient. A new sprinkler system from a California company brings financial relief to home owners ready. Read about the new VariThrow sprinkler at www.varithrow.com.


VariThrow announces new and revolutionary continuously adjusting rotary sprinkler system that waters the shape of any grass lawn.

VariThrow to soon announce an additional self-adjusting sprinkler for gardens.